Robyn Sharp

Artist that lives and breathes creativity

Robyn lives and breathes creativity, having organised her home entirely around her Art Studio. It is a backyard studio, sitting amongst the huge, beautiful garden filled with sculptures. Just off the main house, the studio is a reflection of her work ethic and passion. Figurative studies have been the main focus of her work. She also often draws upon nature just outside her doorstep for inspiration to use in her pieces, using her distinctive imagination to create unique sculptures and paintings. Walking around in her studio it became obvious to me that art is like music for her heart. She interprets all the beauty surrounding her and then puts it on a canvas. In the main house, a large room which is an extension of Robyn’s Art studio is nice and cosy, filled with many more paintings and interesting, beautiful sculptures. It was hard to choose but we are now the proud owners of a beautiful sculpture, ‘Celebration’ as well as an expressive charcoal on canvas painting. And did I mention the spectacular views driving through Foxground? And it’s just a few hours outside of Sydney

-Carla Van den Broeck