Figurative Sculpture

The human form is infinitely varied in appearance, yet our DNA is almost identical, from person to person, region to region, race to race. Equally, the human DNA is more similar to many other species than is obvious to the non-scientist. Many humans, however, feel a kinship with all nature be it horse, snake, cycad or red cedar. To feel kinship and to think about the human condition creatively is to begin to express the forces which we do control and those we do not. Our future as a species depends on our empathy towards the natural world and in breaking out of the constraints of consumerism and self absorption. Beginning my creative journey with a passion for Asian aesthetics, I have focused on working first in clay, then in drawing and painting and now in found objects human and natural. By combining the two sources I try to show how intertwined we are with our world and how greater insight and sustainable life comes from supporting that world, not destroying it.


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