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If you wish to purchase some artwork or arrange a visit to my studio please do contact me to make arrangements.

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    Adele Rosen California Owner of  Interiors by Adele

    I have visited Robyn Sharp’s studio and found many pieces that appealed to me . I now have a sculpture made by Robyn and a painting.If I could have fit more in my suitcase I would have but in fact those two pieces were shipped to me in the US and arrived in perfect good condition..Robyn is a fine artist and one who deserves recognition and praise. The grounds on which the studio sits are wondrous.

    Jean Dethier, curator Centre Pompidou museum, Paris (France)

    “I am amazed and seduced by the diversity and quality of all the different facets of Robyn Sharp’s artistic creativity: both with clay, pencils & painting and now with “found objects”. She is very eloquently yet sensually inspired by the powerful beauty of Nature in Australia where she lives at the heart of the rain forest and wild life”.

    David Toohey, professional business transformation and project management consultant, Sydney, Australia.
    As an avid collector of Robyn’s work I am constantly surprised by the variety and depth of her talent. From collage, water colour and oils, from extraordinarily detailed portraits and landscapes to innovative, detailed and sometimes quirky sculpture, Robyn’s skills are remarkable.

    I thoroughly recommend her work to serious art lovers and collectors.

    David Toohey, M.A.I.P.M.
    Managing Director,
    Commstream P/L  Technology Projects
    Development & Delivery

     Barry Howard, President & Creative Director
    Interpretive Planning and Design USA

    It has been my privilege and pleasure over the years to watch Robyn’s intuitive talents and professional skills develop and expand across the full artistic spectrum of painting and sculpture. I am happy to have evidence of that evolution amongst my favorite works of art.

    Barry Howard, President & Creative Director
    Barry Howard Limited
    Interpretive Planning and Design.


    Dr David and Fran Curtis

    From water colours to sculptures, Robyn’s art is astonishing for its sensitivity and versatility. Her pastel work and paintings explore the environment of the Illawarra, capturing moments of beauty and reflection. Her sculptures are sensual portrayals of human characters and forms. We are always surprised and love her work!

    Dr David and Fran Curtis


    Des Griffin AM, FRSN, Gerhard Krefft Fellow and former director, Australian Museum, Sydney

    A fine rendition of restrained eagerness.
    Des Griffin 



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